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Scott B. Gross President
Richard D. Hawkins Vice President r.hawkins@castleapartments.net

A Leader in the Housing Industry

Our founder, Victor Gross, began this business after WWII. He had a vision to build homes for the average Ohioans that were comfortable and affordable. He introduced the very first pre-fab home in Ohio on Shocolag in Akron. His business plan and the homes he built was so successful that he continued on to build entire neighborhoods in Akron. Most, if not all, of the Castle Homes still remain today in those same neighborhoods. Nesmith Lake, Chapel Hill, North Hill, and West Hill are some of these. So popular were these neighborhoods that “Castle Village” (on Carnegie at Nesmith Lake) was featured on the cover of a 1957 Saturday Evening Post. Castle Homes’ successes seemed to multiply. In the 1960’s, Castle became very prominent in the construction of apartment complexes. Some were commissioned by others and some were held by the company. The construction was so sound that all of the complexes we built are still in operation today. In fact, Castle Apartments was formed as a management company in 1968 and we continue to manage and operate many of them today. Most of our ground breaking construction ended in the 1980’s. Since then, Victor’s son Scott has taken the company in more diverse fields. To continue the Castle legacy, Scott bought and completely rehabilitated several apartment complexes which were added to the portfolio of communities. Scott developed Castle into a real estate investment and development company and contributed even further to the growth of the communities in which we serve. We branched out into other states but remain true to our Akron roots. Under the operational tutelage of Richard Hawkins, Castle managed sixteen apartment communities in the Greater Akron Area and several commercial and construction projects across the country. We offered every size from studios to three bedrooms in many different styles from garden style to twinplex to midrise. Each apartment community had it’s own distinct personality and lifestyle to offer. With over two thousand apartments to offer, we truly had an apartment home to fit any lifestyle. Our success can only be attributed to our ability to recognize and meet the housing needs of Northeast Ohioans. Times change. We recognize that and welcome the opportunity to proactively meet those changes and address our communities’ needs. In 2018, we transformed our communities into fully digital, plug & play, living environments to combine today’s oline lifestyle with the best of the real world lifestyle. We’ll continue putting our customers first for the next fifty years as well.