NEW for 2021 The party room and fitness room are finally complete and ready for opening. The remodel and reconstruction program took long enough to build a lot of anticipation and excitement. Please see the Leasing Office for a fitness key and to schedule your next party. We hope you enjoy as much as we enjoy making them another great part of our community. Spring 2021 We have begun the conversion from cedar shakes to vinyl shakes on the 935 buildings. We will be updating the trash containers and bridges with new vinyl. Fall 2020 The parking lot has been restriped and looks great again. We also power washed and began painting the carports. Finally, the tennis court has been repaired and resurfaced. Get out there and enjoy the summer.
News and Reviews
“Great, nice apartment, friendly staff and neighbors. Needed maintenance and someone was there within two minutes.” - resident
“I think the reason I decided to settle in Akron is because I loved living here! Move-in specials were awesome, maintenance was same day...I was pleasantly surprised. Mina has always gone above and beyond to meet my housing needs. She’s very knowledgeable and positive. Snow removal/landscaping were always well kept and the buildings were clean. The tennis courts were a definite plus. Overall...beautiful property!! Thank You!” - Amie Z., 4 year resident
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